Without re-construction and destroying, making home that bring health, prosperity and happiness - is what Feng shui gives you. Now a days, making home according to the principles of Vasthusastra is a fashion and most recently, Feng Shui is becoming popular in India also. In this articles, I am giving you a brief idea about Feng Shui  and principles used to arrange objects in the home to bring health, wealth and happiness.


The home that you live, can really influence you and your mood. Fire, earth, water and metal, if well-balanced inside your home, can bring you prosperity, health and happiness - is what Feng Shui saying. According to this, there is positive energy - 'Yang' and negative energy - 'Yin' around us and both these energies should be well balanced if we need health and prosperity for long terms. If objects inside our home are designed and placed in the correct way, luck given by nature - earthlike could be obtained to its maximum, that's what its experts claim. They divide man's luck to three types - Earthly (30%), human (30%) and heaven (40%).

According to Feng shui, office, home and its provinces can bring you earthly luck. Humanly can be obtained by hard work and the rest 40% is heavenly or purely 'fate'. Each and every element of our home has either positive or negative energy. In our home, computer, television or inverter may be providing negative energy, Yin. By changing the position of mirrors, pictures or furniture, we can balance the energy level. Also, negative energy of each person in the house can be changed to positive, according to Feng Shui. Thus, re-construction and correction without destroying certain elements in the home can bring you prosperity and happiness, using the principles of Feng Shui. Statue of laughing Buddha can be placed in any room, in quick eye sight. It will bring home happiness and prosperity. Also, paintings and statues placed inside the home can provide you positive energy. Its placement direction is also equally important. According to Feng shui, even the selection of plot , its shape and direction is important. Position of stove and water inside kitchen, how a dining table and living room is decorated, how bed is placed inside bed room, colours used in the house etc. can really influence you according to Feng Shui. In the article, I am giving you a brief idea of how we can arrange objects in each room to sustain positive energy and reduce negative energy, thus bringing health, prosperity and happiness of the members of a family.

When you select the plot

According to Chinese Vasthusastra, four animals are safeguarding a house plot - Tortoise in the north, White tiger in the west, Phoenix in the south and Green dragon in the east. Following points are to be noted while selecting a plot.

  • It should be flat and northern side should be slightly elevated resembling a tortoise.
  • A plot surrounded by water and having a slight slop like a hill is the best.
  • Its south need tall trees and north should have a pond.
  • There should be open area in east and north.
  • South and west directions are preferable to build house.
  • North-east direction can be used to make loan. Basil and black pepper can be planted in south-east direction.
  • You can even grow cactus by the side of the main gate. It will prevent evils from outside.

Living room


Most people have common living and dining room. But I would like to describe about them separately. Living room is the most used room in the house by all the members. So it should be well lighted and should get enough sunlight. Also, this room can be decorated well with precious things, mirrors and statues of laughing Buddha. Following points should be noted while preparing a living room.

  • Living room should have a rectangle or square shape. But circular shape is preferable for its furniture. It indicates wealth.
  • Decorate the living room with statues and crystals because important people are coming to meet you. It is good to decorate pillars with mirrors. Symbols giving luck can also be used in living room.
  • Living room should get fresh air and sunlight. It will give you more positive energy.
  • Never arrange chairs in the room such that guests may sit with their back position towards front door.
  • Use only closed shelves in the living room. Never leave them open.
  • Seats provided in living room should be double in number and never arrange furniture in 'L' shape. It will reduce energy flow.
  • If living room is in the eastern side, use green shades. Place flowers; it will bring success to projects. If in northern side, place oil painting of waterfalls in the north side wall.

Dining room

Not only eating good food, but the correct placement of dining table is also important in Feng shui. If following points are noted, it can bring you not only health and wealth, but also happiness to the family.

  • If living room and dining room are common, arrange the dining table in a location that can never be viewed from front door.
  • Prefer to use round shaped dining table. If yours is a square or rectangle shaped table, never sit at edges while dining.
  • Avoid television in the dining room.
  • Decorate dining room with pictures. You can also place fruits or its wax replica on the dining table.
  • Avoid contact of the dining table with the wall.
  • Dining chairs should have sufficient slant and its back side should never have fringes.
  • Never place dining table just below the toilet of upstairs or under beams.
  • Dining table should be near the kitchen so that food can be served hot and hence reduce the outflow of positive energy. ie. Never allow food to lose its heat before serving. Hence, food must be served as soon as it is prepared.
  • Dining room should never be in a lower portion, comparing to kitchen and living room. It should be in the same level as that of the other two.
  • A mirror by the side of the table that reflects the served food is very good for the future of the people.

Prayer room

Prayer room is the most sacred place where deities are held. Most of the houses have a small prayer room or just a separate area in the living room to place their idols. Yet, some points should be noted here also.

  • Praying place should never be inside the bedroom and should never have a direct entry point from bed room.
  • If it is placed facing main door or balcony, it is good.
  • Avoid walls as much as possible in the direction where idols or photos are placed.
  • It should never be near toilet or under the staircase.

Bed room

The place where we rest greatly influences our mood. If we take care of certain things while preparing our bed room, it can bring more positive energy and happiness to the couple and surely increase the bond that exists between them.  Bedroom should have correct shape and should be spacious. Avoid L, U and triangle shapes. Some of the important principles while designing bedroom are given below. If considered, they can bring many positive things to your life.

  • Never place electronic instruments like television and personal computer inside the bed room. They contain the negative energy 'Yang'. Sometimes, you cannot avoid this because your flat or home may be small to find separate area for placing TV or computer. If so, these instruments should be switched off and covered before sleeping. Otherwise, it may disturb your sleep.
  • Bed room should never come opposite another room's door, toilet or stair case.
  • Bed should never be too large or too small and should never have sharp edged beams. If too small, it disturbs the progress of the family and if too large, disturbs the relationship.
  • Never place pictures of deities inside bed room.
  • Never place flowers and plants inside bed room, though it is nice. They decrease the energy level of the room.
  • Pictures of the couple can be placed in the south-west direction. If heart symbol is placed on the west corner of the bed room, it will increase love, unity and bond between the couple.
  • Never allow children to study in the master bed room. It will affect both their studies and sleep.
  • Never place mirror opposite to the bed. It is believed to bring a third person to their life.
  • Never bring office files and papers to bed room.
  • Never place bed in the middle of the room. Backside should have direct contact with a wall and it should be noted that, that wall should never share with any bath room, since it will reduce the flow of positive energy towards you.
  • Never sleep with feet towards the door or window just behind the head.
  • Bath room door should always be closed and leaking pipes and drainage should be corrected. Also, voice of the shower should never reach the bed room. One may lose his opportunities.
  • Air conditioner should be placed in such a way that it should never come in the direction of head or feet.
  • Bath room of any floor should never come just above or just below the bed room, same as the case of prayer room.
  • Never place weapons or their pictures inside the bed room.
  • Dim lights with adjustable power can be used inside bed room.
  • Use red or pink colour shades for the bed room. It is believed that pink colour retains freshness in the relationship between the couples.
  • Use musical instruments and equipments inside the room that can bring romance in the air.
  • Shelves should never come near the bed. It may bring problems to both luck and health. It may also lead to quarrels between the couples. Always fit doors for shelves and they should always remain closed. Book shelves should be avoided.
  • Master bed room should be away from main door. It prevents outside energy from entering inside.
  • Never build bed rooms above garage and store room. It will bring defeats, bad luck and things against your planning.
  • Bed should never be laid opposite the wall containing the door towards the room. It will bring energy from outside.
  • Never bring sandals from outside, which carries energy of motion and travelling. If needed, use separate ones for bed room.
  • Water and fish tank are strictly restricted inside bed room. Avoid even pictures of waterfalls and water bodies.
  • Couples should use a single big bed rather than using two smaller ones combined which may decrease the relationship between the two.
  • Never sleep under slop or beam.
  • Wooden bed is preferable than metallic, at medium height and should have a head board.



The space where house wives spend most time is of course, kitchen. So objects in kitchen should be carefully placed to bring good health and happiness to the women. It not only influences health, character and happiness of the person who spend much time in kitchen, but  placement of even stove can deeply influence the prosperity of the home.

  • Kitchen should never come in the north-west direction. If can't find place there, place a pot (8 inch depth and 12 inch width) filled with water inside kitchen.
  • Fire and water should near come close. Never place stove or oven near refrigerator or water tap. It is believed that such placements can cause quarrels in the family.
  • Built-in cupboards should be closed. They should have doors and always keep them in closed position.
  • Sink should be placed in the north direction and should be far away from stove. If, can't find sufficient space between sink and hearth, use a wooden partition.
  • Give yellow shades to kitchen in north-east direction and south-west directions. Never use green and blue. Kitchen in west direction can be given blue or black&white colours. Please avoid yellow and cream. For those in east or south-east direction, give green colour. Never use red or white.
  • Use tiles for floors. Never use wood, carpet or linoleum.
  • Place good windows. Avoid waste in kitchen as much as possible.
  • Middle portion is the heart of the house. So, kitchen should never come here. Also, it should never come near front door, which may result in both health and wealth losses.
  • Toilets should never come near kitchen.
  • Stove should never come near window. Breeze from outside will cause the flame to fluctuate, which is not a good sign.
  • Always keep stove clean. Use it daily. Also, use all burners equally. It will increase the financial situation of the family.
  • Kitchen should have a good shape and all its walls should have almost equal length.

Bath room

The place where you bath, can also bring negative energy to you if not kept according to the principles of  Feng Shui. Never leave leaking pipes without repairing and always keep its door closed. It will prevent negative energy from entering you. It should never have direct wall contact with kitchen or praying room. Some extra points are given below.

  • Build toilets in the east side of the home that it gets direct sunlight to purify it.
  • Toilet doors should never come in the direction of main door.
  • You can place table salt inside the bath room.

Common instructions


Feng Shui experts arrange objects and instruments inside the house in accordance with date of birth of the head of the family. If he is made happy, a peaceful atmosphere will automatically come into exist inside the house. Other common instructions are:

  • Living room, kitchen and dining hall should be constructed in the same level. If living room or the area reserved for receiving guests is slightly elevated, the positive energy will flow only to the visitors.
  • All doors should be able to open completely. Never place objects behind them to restrict.
  • Statues of lion or lion head can be placed in front of main door (which is a symbol of guard) and phoenix on the top of the roof.
  • Staircase should never come in the centre of the house.
  • Place pictures of dolphin in children's study room. Tower, crystal globe etc can also be placed.
  • Pillars, walls or beams with sharp pointing edges should be avoided.
  • Avoid waste things and contaminated water inside the house. Always keep your home neat and clean. It will automatically bring you freshness and hence positive energy.

Though Feng Shui cannot be proved scientifically. But, those who have experienced it believe that it is a truth, rather than a myth or a superstitious instinct.


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