Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious region found in the southeastern part of Atlantic cost of the United States.It is also known as the Devil's Triangle. The Bermuda triangle connects Bermuda,San Juan and Miami giving a triangular boundary.In this Region many aircrafts and ships where lost.It is still remaining as the mysterious part of the world.

Bermuda Triangle came into notice to most of the people only after the USS Cyclops disappearance in the year 1918.Later the matter became serious when Flight 19 was crashed and totally lost with 14 members in it with no evidence of the flight.No bodies where also found.This is strange but true.

When scientist started to work on it they suspected that it might be due to the greater earth's gravitational force in that area.

Map of Bermuda Some suspected that these things where due to the methyl hydrate present deep under the ocean.When these methyl hydrate gas errupts to the top surface, it reduces the density of the water i that region which lead the ships to sink and the combustible property of the gas leads the engine of the aircraft to burst.

Some say even this statement is not true.There also people saying that these things are due to some Supernatural forces and others say that there are Aliens force there.

Anyhow nothing is strongly proved yet and still this region is mysterious.

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