DTP -A revolution in publishing sector

With the advent of computers the printing and publishing industry underwent a sea of changes. DTP (Desk Top Publishing) changed the very face of publishing and lent it the ease and comfort unheard of until then. Editing materials, visualization, checking for error, page layout, cover designing etc, which consumed considerable time and huge effort have now become easy and simple. News paper industry relies heavily on the computer today. Several software packages like CorelDraw, Ventura, Page Maker etc, have been developed to aid any kind of creative Desk Top Publishing efforts. DTP has indeed added colour, beauty and elegance to the art of publishing.



With the spread of the computer from the office to the homes, the emphasis on entertainment (infotainment is the new word - information coupled with entertainment !) has increased. Multimedia enables 'information' as no other system can. Multimedia can be considered as a fusion of audio text, stationary moving graphies and full motion video. A combination of the function of a TV, VCR, CD player and computer all merged into one. To enable these, the multimedia computers should have at least once CD ROM, Speaker system and Sound Blaster facilities, in addition to the basic accessories of an ordinary computer. In addition to all the jobs, a regular computer does, the multimedia computer allows us to be entertained even as we continue our work on the system. Multimedia has definitely been an asset to the audio visual section.

Multimedia has a crucial role to play in the field of educaiton. Interactive compact disks, that can be played on the computer are replacing teachers for many subjects in the western countries. It makes learning ever so interesting. Another field that has greatly benefitted from multimedia is advertising. Today multimedia kits priced as low as rs. 3000/ are available.



Transmission of information through computer network is known as electronic mail or e- mail.

In e- mail the messages are in digital form. The intensity of these messages are stepped up using a modem, and later transmitted to a telephone. A computer, a modem and a telephon are the three essential components for the e- mail set up. The minimum bite capacity of a modem should be 14.4 KB.

Connections across the globe can be established through the e- mail at the rate of a local telephone call. Thus it makes e- mail a very cost effective way of communication.

Those who register as an e- mail member, are provided with a mail box, a special number and an exclusive password. To recieve and send messages, the password should be typed. This prevents, the unauthorized usage of the e- mail facility. The potential of the e-mail is being recognised and its utility value is slowly increasing. Today more and more people are attracted to avail the e-mail facility.



The process of changing the form of a figure in a computer is known as Morphing. There are two types of morphing.

1. Transition morphing
In this process the entire form of a figure can be changed. For example, a leopard being changed into motor bike,

2. Distortion morphing
Through this process a figure can be distorted, i,e. the figure is slightly changed in its form. For example, the shape of one's nose, ears, or one's hair style can be changed on a picture. A complete change of form does not happen in distortion morphing.



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