Violence among Kids

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It’s not only Mumbai’s underworld that’s fighting gang wars and running extortion rackets: but nowadays it’s also happening in some of the best schools in the country. Few years ago I read in a newspaper that, some fourteen year old shot their classmate for bullying them in Gurgaon. Mental health experts say that the children are now in pressure-cooker situation. They could easily come out to boil and spill over into more such acts of violence and aggression. When the aggression surfaces, it often triggers homicide when it turns inwards, it results in depression or suicide. The causes of such acts are due to the rise of cases of bullying, decrease in tolerance levels and unnecessary exposure to violence in TV’s.

It is high time to analyze the reasons and circumstances that could make an apparently innocent Kid to kill people without any hesitation. Is there something wrong in the upbringing or any possible genetic error that makes them so  malicious towards human beings.

We the parents, teachers and the sensible persons must think:

Are we teaching our children to hate?

Every time we criticize a neighbor ,a relative or another religion, we are teaching them to hate. So we must before we speak. Do we monitor what playthings our children are playing?

Violent games.toy guns etc should be totally banned from our child’s play bag. We must encourage them to lay with harmless games like puzzles, caroms, skates, toy cycles, etc. who says every small boy should have a toy gun? It’s about time we must start to think about the games we are buying for our child.

We must keep an eye what our child watches on TV. How many of us stop our children from watching a violent film? Violence in movies and other media seem to increase in subsequent generations. The more violence our children watch ,the easier it gets for them to accept violence.

Anger towards another ,dislike for other religion ,class clashes ,casteism ,general biases we have to give up these prejudice.

What are we teaching our children? Is this the World we want them to grow up in ? We must teach our children the importance of human life and love. The future of our next generation is in our hands.

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