Drug-a bane.

When we hear the word Drug, we get fear. Here I am sharing some about drug and its bad effect.

The word “drug” came from English which means medicine. But we don’t use it to mean medicine, but we use it to know the various intoxication. Those which are used as drug today, once all were medicine, but misused. So in 1985 Indian Government passed a law, named Narcotive drugs and sicotropic substances act. There it is clearly said that which medicines are usable and which are used as drug or intoxication.

Drug makes a man as drunkard .First man takes it to enjoy but slowly the nerves become servant of it. Its effects on nerves are different. Some drugs make a man even inactive and some make sleepless. Taking drug man thinks himself as king and also dreams many good or bad facts.

After all these all are used as a antisocial work. We should keep us safe from it. It destroys a life, a family, a social stability. It helps to destroy the main backbone of our country.

Generally men sell it to earn many and most of drugs come from foreign. They also use women and children in selling drugs. Thus they destroy many buds of society. In one hand they are making money and in other hand they are successful to break an unity of a country.

Any type of drugs even smoking, chewing tobacco is also injurious to health. Now the life became very busy and always passes in frustration. So many are taking alcohol, drugs or any other toxin to relax. They don’t think that they are going to hell. Many are losing their life, many parents are losing their children.

Government is taking some actions to prevent ourselves. Many NGO are coming with awareness program to save us. So we should also come forward one step and should help to make a strong society. 

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