Make a recycled paper You will need You will need a stack of old newspapers, buckets or bowls, water, several hand beaters, and a piece of screen. Making method Tear a half page of newspaper into small 1 inch pieces. Fill buckets or bowls with one part paper and two parts water. Let this mixture soak as long as possible, ideally for several hours. Use the hand beater to ``pulp’’ the fibers in the paper. The mixture should be beaten until it looks like mush. Take a handful of pulp and place it on piece of screen, mounted over some newspapers to soak up the water. Mould the pulp to size of the sheet of paper you want to make. Press the pulp firmly to squeeze out the extra water. Let the paper dry for one to two days. Paper is many useful things. *Remember the 3R’s – reuse, recycle and regenerate and protect Mother Nature. *The class could do a chart on ``preserve the planet’ for the bulletin board. Make this useful folder to keep all your important papers or diary pages You will need You will need large sheet of card- 20’’x 13’’, glue, scissors, rulers, pencil, and ribbon. Making method Measure 6’’ from one edge of the card and make small cuts, along the line with scissors. Then measure 5’’ from the other edge. Make small cuts as before. Measure 1/2 ‘’ from the top edge of the card and draw a line. Cut off a strip along the line you have drawn up to the second line. Do the same with the bottom edge. Fold the remaining part of the strips along the drawn lines and creases. Cut a small slit at each end of the card. Cut two pieces of ribbon, 12’’ long. Push one end of one ribbon through a slit. Glue down the end. The glue on the other ribbon, fold the card along the lines. Tie the ribbon into a pretty bow. Decorate your folder with drawings, stickers, and other things.

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