Well media plays a very vital role in our social life

Indian media is definitely not playing any positive role for citizens. They are not at all sensitive to the reality or real situations happening. Whatever they are showing is irrelevant for common man/woman and it seems that they are just copycatting the foreign media, that’s all. Moreover, the media houses are also following political loyalties! So what to expect now?

Media always tends to copy, especially the 'unsubstantial'. Too much information without content coming from the 'what-so-called developed worlds' is usually importation of 'rubbish' because it contributes to people's alienation to their own problems. However, media is only a vehicle of the system we live in. The church used to be the main vehicle in the past. Now it's the media through fickle entertainment. It's all about control.

Having said that, modern times request relief from seriousness sometimes. Some light-hearted entertainment has its benefits, as long as they come from within culture and originality. Let the exchange of cultures happen in a more educational level. Or use it without abuse. Otherwise no exchange takes place, as nothing reflects real culture. We end up producing carbon copy humans. Where's that flavored difference? How can our curiosity arise?

Today media plays very crucial role. it is the medium which indirectly control the population. Now the question is. how ethical it is? well in our country media is not controlled by d government. We have hundreds of private news channels. It is not right to say they are just doing the rubbish thing except few cases; they r making people more informed which is very important in today's world. Media is d only medium which can raise a normal people issue in public.

It is also true in the case of our media system..

It is playing a vital.

If I talk about the ethical issues then I would like to say that many times they try to put things properly.

Often they use to convey the voice of those. Whose voice otherwise cannot be considered at all.so I think in this kind of situation we can't blame on the ethical nature of the media.

But the concept of marketing/business all that makes our media system somewhat biased which often puts a question mark against their ethical nature.

So for that I would like to say that media should not forget their responsibility towards the society.

If media is giving news according to the people, then it is good otherwise bad.

I don’t think so Media is not at all good or not at all bad.

Media is just like Mirror.

Media follow the people they always search the way to catch d public attention so they always trying to feed what people's mind need. Take the example of Cricket in our country it is almost every day we get the news related to this time wasting game but this is not the situation in China their society are different than ours therefore it is the mirror which we all have to face.

I think media is very broad term. if we take print media, I think they are doing their job accordingly, but if you talk about television media they are concerned about only & only TRP's they don't know what impact they are leaving on our society. They show 20% news & 80% rubbish. I think we are the the only person responsible for that it is we who increases their TRP's.



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