Good house


A house is one of the basic necessities of our life. We all need a house to live in. a good house protects us against the adversities of weather such as heat, clod and rain. It also imbues in us a feeling of safety and provides us a lot of comfort.


Different types of houses

Houses are made up of different materials. They are of various kinds and types. Some houses are big while others are small. The poor live in huts while the rich construct multi- storied buildings. The type of the house people build depends upon the natural location of the place and the amount on money they can spend on the construction of the house. In the north-eastern parts of India, people make their houses with sloping roofs. Snow comes rolling down the sloping roofs very easily. In villages, most of the people live in huts. The huts are made of mud and thatched roofs. In hilly regions, people make their houses on hill- tops. They make their houses with mambo and wood. Huts are not durable and strong. In cities, the houses are much better. Some people live in big bungalows, while others live in muilt- storied flats. They are made up of bricks, cement and steel and are constructed on the basis of modern architecture. In order to meet the challenge of ever –growing population, multi storied buildings are constructed. The sky- scrapers are a common sight in cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Chandigrah etc.


Site for Dwelling house

Ours is a tropical country. We are required to spend a great deal of time indoors. Accordingly, it is important that our houses should be a place where we can feel at home. It should also be a place where we can relax with maximum comfort. The construction of a house is a major decision of life. It involves a lot of money. It is not like an old clothe which can be substituted by a new one whenever we wish for. It influences our whole life. In order to keep us cheerful and healthy during the rest of our life, we have to be very careful while selecting the site for our house.

Generally, a site for the dwelling house is considered to be fit for human habitation if it free from dampness .apart from this, the sire should have adequate supply of drinking water and electricity. No place can be healthy unless it is dry and damp- proof. Water and electricity are the basic amenities for healthy and comfortable living. The site should be situated at a place3 away from the main road so that it is not risky for the small children. The site of the house should not be for off from the market, bus-stop, railway station, post office, school and hospital etc.




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