I think parents are visible God so we must pray to them before we pray to all invisible God.

I love them and never hide my feelings about them in front of Momma-Papa. If you respect them, then you can say everything to them. If you are scared about asking something to your parents, that means you think they will not understand your feelings and it means you never respect them.

Because being a good in front of them and hiding your feelings, this thing will be known to them in future and that time they hurts most.

So, be Brave, Respect parents, Trust them,

Your GOD will definitely help you

If you ask for something to GOD, then don't wait in front of GOD for that thing.

He will send that by their friends your parents.

So pray to god and talk with your parents for that.

I respect them in all respects. I am very proud of them. My goal in my life is make them happiest persons on the earth because I see them striving hard for my precious future.

The great respect we them is make them comfortable in spreading our success.



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