These days television has become very important and its popularity is increasing day by day. Education, information and entertainment are the three main objectives of media, particularly of electronic media.

Television was invented in 1922 by a Scotch scientist. Television station at Delhi was set-up in 1959. In the beginning there was T.V. transmission centers in big cities only. But now there are more than two hundred T.V. centers in our country. A number of relaying towers in many cities have been set up. Now every big city has it own T.V. transmission center.

Television is a very important means of recreation. On a radio set we can only hear the voice of the singer or the speaker. But T.V. enables us not only to hear the voice but also to see the face of the singer, dancer or speaker. Things look more beautiful on a color T.V. set. We can see before our eyes the test match going on the screen of T.V. It gives many interesting and educative programs. There are programs for all types of people. Television is also a very useful means of education. It is the most suitable medium for educating the masses. Through T.V. lessons on Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, Computer etc. can be taught. In foreign countries T.V. plays an important role in educating students.

It teaches the farmers how they can improve their agriculture. There are many topics that can also be shown to the people on T.V. It can do much to root out the social evils. It is used as a powerful means of propaganda by the government. Serials on the Ramayan and the Mahabharat presented the culture of India in a fine way. It is a source of great revenue through advertisements.

Television is the most powerful means of creating awareness in the society. No development is possible without awareness. Television makes the public aware of the environment we live in. To some extent in helps to check crime and corruption in society because people involved in any anti-social activity get scared of being projected on the screen. Since there are hundreds of Indian and foreign channels available on television so people have wider choice of watching programs. Many times foreign channels telecast such vulgar programs which are not good to the sense of our socio-cultural environment.

In short, television has great cultural and educational importance. The future of television is very bright in our country. It is a matter of great satisfaction that full attention is being paid by the government for the expansion of television service. A number of new T.V. centers have also been set-up. The day is not so far when our country will have a complete network of television centers.

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