What is one man’s food, is another man’s poison. Tastes differ from man to man. Every man has his own likes and dislikes. He likes or dislikes things according to his nature.

I like simple, truthful and polite persons. I have a great disliking for rude and quarrelsome persons. I have great love for frank and honest persons. I hate selfish, dishonest and cunning persons. I have great love for natural beauty and open environment. I like to see green fields, rippling water and beautiful flowers. Noise, dust and smoke bore me. They are soul-killing to me. I like open atmosphere of the countryside.

I do not like gaudy and very fashionable dresses. Young boys and girls give all attention to their dress and decoration. My choice falls on a simple dress. I believe in simple living and high thinking. I shun non-vegetarian dishes. I like simple vegetarian food. Curd at lunch and milk at bed time is my weakness.

I like music and playing on guitar. I am fond of ‘Bhajans’. Dance gives me great pleasure. I like cricket very much. I have great dislike for Kabaddi. Chess is my favorite indoor game. I also like to see religious pictures. Reading good books is my hobby. Premchand is my favorite author. I like his stories and novels very much. His ‘Godan’ has appealed me very much. I do not like short plays of today at all. Gardening is my pastime. I devote an hour daily to it. I do not like walking on the beaten paths of the city.

I hate the habit of borrowing books or money but not returning it in time. Students borrow books from their friends for a day or two but do not return them. People do not pay back money in time. They make false promises. This is a bad practice. It brings them down in the eyes of others. In the swift changing world of today, the persons who have strong likes and dislikes cannot make progress. Therefore, I try my best to adjust with the persons whom I do not like. Mental peace lies in adaptation.

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