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During the terrific silence of that horrible night, they could not hear the footsteps of death. On the eighteenth night of a great war, they were sleeping
“Bottle, bottle everywhere; not a single one to provide water” Bottled water is the present era acquisition of safe drinking water to homes and offices
Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread

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Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread
Located in culturally important Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Alang today is known worldwide for ship dismantling. It is world's largest ship dismantling
Our ancestors discovered the technique of cooking food. Earlier they used to consume food in its original state i,e., in its raw form, regardless of whether
It is a known fact that Indians are the most intelligent people in the world and here is yet another platform which proves that the above fact is correct. As a matter of fact I am not a great follower of the American competition called "National Spelling Bee", but still I used to watch it in ESPN, because there are lot of Indian origin participants. I have been watching this event for the past 4 or 5 years, and as a matter of fact I am very happy because, for the past three years students of Indian origin have won the competition. What is Spelling bee? United States National Spelling Bee is a competition which was started in the year 1925 and is running successfully for more than 80 years. The domination of Indian origin students have been increased at a very rapid rate. In simple, in this competition you will be asked to spell an English word , and you can ask information like, i) Parts of Speech ii) Alternate Pronunciations iii) Usage of the word in any sentence iv) Origin of the word( From which country it was originated) Domination of Indians in the competition: Indians of US origin have dominated this competition for the past one decade. Here are some interesting stats about the domination of Indians in this competition, i) Indians have won 8 out of last 12 competition ii) Indians have won the recent 3 competition, 2008  - Sameer Mishra 2009  - Kavya Shivshankar 2010  - Anamika Veeramani Anamika Veeramani wins National Spelling Bee 2010: This year another Indian origin girl, called Anamka Veeramani won the competiton, and the winning word is "Stromuhr", which is a medical word. The competition was held at Grand Hyatt hotel,Washington DC, from 2nd May to 4th May. It was a very good competition and I was very happy that an Indian origin girl won the competition. Anamika Veeramani was sponsored by The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH. Some websites also states that she is a Tamil girl, as her father name is Alagaiya and her mother  name is Malar. Anamika is a very talented girl and even in 2009, she did well to take the fifth ( tied) place. Another interesting fact is that another Indian American, Shantanu Srivatsa, did well to claim the second place( tied by 3 participants)