Obedience is virtue that teaches us to be humble. The spirit of obedience helps us to shed our ego and pride. We should learn to be humble and to respect the wishes of others. It takes us nearer to God. God created man, and blessed him with everything he needed. He was made immortal. He was given the heaven to live in. in return, god expected just obedience. But men disobey his commands and result is terrible. Man lost his innocence. He became subject to all ills and evil of the world. That was the heavy price paid by man his failure to obey. So, obedience is one of the earliest virtues.

Everything around in nature shows obedience. All the planets obey the laws on nature. If there is the slightest trace of disobedience, the entire universe will be totally destroyed. Obedience is thus the central point on which stands the entire universe. Everything else in nature obeys certain laws. Nothing can go against such lows. There is no life without obedience.

Everyone of humanity should obey one or the other. People should obey their rules. The servant should obey his owner. The employees should show their obedience to their employer. Young boys like you should obey parents at home and your teachers at school. You should obey the elders in society. All of them pave the way for your bright career in future. Lack of obedience breeds indiscipline. Indiscipline leads to anarchy or lawlessness and unrest.


At school

At school, you have to follow so many rules and regulations. You have to be orderly and disciplined in your behavior inside the campus. You have to buy necessary books, pay the fees in time, and listen to your lessons. You have to study well, do your home work and other assignments properly. You have to maintain decency and decorum in your behavior in the campus. All these are properly done, if only you show obedience. If you follow all the rules scrupulously, you will win the love and respect of everyone.


At home

At home you have to obey your parents and other elders. You should listen to them carefully and act accordingly. You should never displease them with your behavior. You should please them, even if it is against your wish. You should not hurt their feelings. Then only you will be liked and appreciated by one and all. You should be an example to your younger brothers and sisters. They learn behavior from you. Don’t forget this fact.


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