The small seeds of evil within us often produce large terrible consequences. Bad habits like stealing and lying enter our minds like the ``strangler fig’’ and ultimately it strangles all the good qualities in us. Human will and determination is said to be very strong. If a human mind is determination to do some task, it will surely succeed. First you have to ``will’’ yourself to be good. In order to have a strong will-power, work towards the goals of:


*Choosing a high ideal

Without striving for an ideal, you have no driving force and quickly fall for a low standard. Let your ideal be to spread the sunshine of goodness around you. Devote yourself to this wonderful cause. Always be ready and enthusiastic to work towards you cause.


*Introspection- examining your mind and thoughts

Our thoughts guide our will. Therefore it is necessary for us to put thoughts to test. Our thoughts should be noble and aimed at making ourselves a better human being.


*Physical strength

A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. Regular exercise and games help in the true development of a child.

*Training of the mind

Training your mind is as important as training our muscles. Have clear idea of the right and wrong. Always stand for the right. Don’t give in to temptation of any sort. If you travel on the path of right, God will be there besides you. He will guide you and project you from all evils.


*Learn to sacrifice

Learn to control your mind by consciously avoiding things that you like to do, for some time. To have full control on your mind, allot some time to activities that do not please you. If you can will yourself to do things you do not like, then your control over your mind is strengthened.


*Be regular in your efforts

Trying to have control over you will is a continuous effort. Don’t try to achieve this feat in one day. Keep trying and one day you will surely succeed.






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