Let Us Play Cricket In A Different Style

                  We Indians are mostly Cricket lovers. But how many of us know that Cricket is not just a game, it is also a good teacher. We can relate Cricket with almost every aspect of our life. Let us try to ponder on one such aspect.

                   In our day to day life, when do we feel most disturbed? Well, it may vary fom person to person. According to me, when an injurious statement is spoken about us by somebody, or when anybody tries to vilify us, we get disturbed. We loose our temper, and we speak ill about the slanderer who has tried to utter slander about us, but this can be avoided. How? We can do this by keeping ourself cool, controlling our temper, by taking the slanderer positively. It is difficult but not impossible. Cricket helps us to achieve this. If we assume the Bowler as the slanderer and the Batsman as the person who is vilified, then can we change our thoughts in the following way ? Let us try.

1. When we see a Cricket match, it is our illusion that the bowler hits the ball to the batsman. He never hits the ball to the batsman, rather he hits to the bat of the batsman. In the same way, a slanderer never speaks ill of any person but he ceiticizes to point out the faults of the person,

2. The bowler never bowls to the batsman standing at the bowler's end, although he is near to him. He always bowls to the batsman standing away from him. In the same manner, generally a slanderer always caluminates in the absence of the person concerned.

3. It is not necessary for the batsman to hit each and every ball bowled by the bowler, similarly it is upto us whether to pay heed or to neglect the criticizer.

4. It is the bowler's mistake when he bowls a wide ball, similarly whan a slanderer keeps on caluminating without any reason, he is disdained by the society.

5. If the batsman correctly judges the bowl then he may score the maximum or boundary, in the same way we should be able to defend our criticizer.

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