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The Oracle’s house became crowded. Anxiety spread around the pedestal of the basil plant. Shadows of question-marks hung under the blossomed Golden Shower

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Stress is a part of life. Every individual has stress on his mind. It is not necessary that only those people who work outside have stress but housewives also lead a stressful life. Everyone wants to lead a stress free life. Stress management has many simple ways to lead stress free life.

1)      One should always keep a positive attitude. The stress free management can be successfully implemented only with optimistic view.

2)      Pamper yourself. Pampering can be done many ways like, taking care of one’s skin, to apply face mask, take stem, take special care to look more beautiful. All these things are helpful to reduce stress. Everyone can spare some time for these activities and the resulting freshness and beauty will be bonus with stress free life.

3)      One should compulsory spare some time for merry making. Sometimes with family, friends or colleagues. This can be done by taking a walk together, playing games together etc.

Merry Making

4)      Listening music, reading books, watching light or comedy television programme. Most importantly, take rest whenever body needs it. A tired mind is more tend to tilt towards stress.


5)      The proper application of these things requires a perfectly designed timetable. The time should be divided properly for all these activities along without disturbing our daily working schedule.

6)      Besides by increasing our contacts, making new friends can also reduce stress.

7)      Doing some social activity, fostering new hobby also can be useful in reducing stress.

8)      To keep good health is very essential. A sick and unhealthy person gets more depressed. For this one should develop healthy habits. Caffeine containing drinks, sugar should be consumed in fewer amounts. Many times people gets succumb to tobacco and alcohol consumption to get rid of stress. But this increases depression and is injurious to health.


9)      Habit of regular exercise is very important. This keeps our body and mind fit. Walking is the best exercise; beside this regular gym exercises are also useful. In Ayurveda tremendous importance is given to Yoga


10)  Exercise helps the proper flow of many chemical fluids to our brain and other body parts. This keeps our mood fresh.

11)  To reduce stress, massage and steam bath are also helpful. It completely relaxes our body.

12)     One can also reduce stress by adopting good lifestyle, doing meditation, reading and implementing good thoughts in life.

13)  Drinking little amount of water while working also reduces stress. If the work type is of sitting nature, then taking a fast walk in between the work also reduces stress.

14)  A small nap also reduces stress.


15)  Along with all the above measures, one should also try to control anger. This is the best solution to reduce stress.