You live either in a city or town. You live in an unban area.

Have you ever visited a village? A village is a rural area.

Life in a rural area is different from life in an urban area.

The food we eat is grown in rural areas.

Most of village people work very hard in the fields to get good crops.

The money villagers live on comes mostly from farming.

But some villagers do other jobs too.

Foe examples there are the shopkeepers, postmen, doctors, teachers, policemen, village development officer and watchmen.

Most villagers in our country are poor.

They have little money.

They do not have enough to eat or wear.

They live a simple life, with only a few needs.

A village is much smaller than a city or a town.

A village has less number of people too.

In towns and cities, you have many people, many houses, many vehicles like cars and buses, many offices and factories.

Cities are huge places.

Towns are smaller than cities but much bigger than villages.

The village folk usually get their money to live by working in their fields.

Green field cool climate are in the villages.

In cities and towns, people have more places to work in.

Rate high for comfortable in the city and town.

They work in factories and different offices.

There is more money in urban areas.

You stay in one part of your city or town or village with your neighbors and friends. This is your neighborhood.

Take a look at any neighborhood, either in an urban area or in a rural area.

First, you see houses- buildings of different kinds.

You also see people. Some stay in the locality, others come to the area for several of work.

You also see roads and pathways for these people and their vehicles to move on.

Most of the village buildings you see are used by families to live in.

Some people live in singles houses. Some people lives in flats.

Houses meant for people to live in are residential buildings.

But all buildings of a neighborhood are not used by people to live in.

Some have shops. Some have different kinds of offices. Some neighborhoods also have schools, cinema houses, theaters, clubs, hotels and restaurants.

A neighborhood should be a nice place to live in.

It is indo d people who live in a place that make it good or bad.

To live happily and comfortably, people need many special things.

they need shops to buy things from, schools for the children, banks for keeping the money safe, post offices to keep in touch with others, good roads and vehicles to move about, parks to play and relax in, a good supply of water and electricity, and so on.

Such things that make our lives easier are called facilities. A good neighborhood gives its people as many facilities as possible.


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