A snake Sloughs off its outer skin once in a while. When this happens, the snake can neither move nor see. Laziness is like the shedding of slough. It makes a man blind and hesitant to do anything. The result is that he simply cannot move ahead.

But if you work hard, you will surely reach your goal. Reward comes to the hard working. The lazy always lag behind. If you are lazy and do not study, how will you gain knowledge? You will remain ignorant. If you are lazy, your exam will come but your studies will not be finished. If you are lazy, your school bus will come, but you will miss it.

The lazy person has many excuses for not doing his work. Lord Buddha once said, ``the lazy man does not work one day because it is too cold. He does not work the next day because it too hot. He does not work because it is already evening. He does work because it is too early in the morning.’’ What this means is that any excuse is good enough reason for the lazy man not to do work.

When you are lazy, you show excuses; I am sorry. I do not have the time. I did not have time to reply to your letter. I did not have time t read the papers. I did not have time top go for a morning walk.

But it is possible to find ten unities out of the 1440 minutes in one day to write a letter. It is possible to read the paper after dinner. It is possible to take a morning walk if you wake up at 6 am instead of 7 am if you wake up at 5 am. You can put in much hard work and study every morning.

But you feel lazy about doing something right away. You feel like doing it later or on the next day. Never leave anything for tomorrow what can be done today, do it right now.

In fact, the Jains believe that laziness is a sin.

Laziness resides in the mind. If your mind is lazy, it commands the body to be lazy. That is why your mind should be strong and alert always.

Otherwise, laziness will breed inside you like an insect and destroy you. It is obvious that you are lazy you cannot succeed in life.

Some people read the news paper and leave it lying wherever they have read it. They do not even bother to fold the paper. This is sheer laziness. If your books or clothes lie all over the room it means that you have been too lazy to put them back in their place. You do not have the enthusiasm to do a thing properly and carefully.

Just imagine what would happen if the farmer was too lazy to sow at the correct times of the season.

Do you ever see birds and animals being lazy? The little birds start their chirping early in the morning. The honey bees are ever so busy collecting nectar.

Only the massive python lazes around collecting dust.

Do you want to be living a python? Or would you rather be bright like a bird? Remember, it is the early bird that catches the worm.



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