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I am a healing writer and I believe words heal. I feel words have effect on our minds and bodies and depending upon that words may either heal or hurt. It also depends upon the person who is receiving and conveying the words. Like the words, I do believe that visuals whether original or as pictures also have healing effects.

In this healing experiment, I am writing about flowers. It may seem absolutely absurd to some, some may find it doubtful and those who really want to explore, may want to practise it to see the effects.



heal the pain

pain that arises from mind

aching mind

will definitely

feel the soothe

when it will be connected to the fresh dew

on the petals of flowers



concentrate your eyes on the petals

petals of red rose

then see the round whirls

where you will find the tiny dew drop

feel the aura

of red petals

blending into the dew drop


the dew drop

reflecting the colour of rose

still maintaining its own identity

it tells us

it teaches us to feel stable

at the times of troubles

and pass smoothly through the times of pain

see through the drop


feel your pain passing out

through the eyes

getting lost into the

whirls of rose


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