Every day I seek to find the truth of life!
Through my heart and through my mind!
From every soul I ask a question!
Where did I come and where do I go???
I talk, I live!
But their is a question!
To whom shall I forgive?
I know, I am!
But who knows whose an AM???
seeking life issues my soul,
to find the truth,
I give out my soul,
knowing the truth is knowing God,
finding the truth is by your trust!
dont let me go in the dark,
show me the truth through your heart,
teach me the love in the bright,
and keep me shinning through the light,
I know we are,
I know we can,
But to know whose an ARE???
I ask you, to seek you heart,
by the help of God,
for the last question and the last advise,
I tell you HI with a real CRY!

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