Dream high is what that leads you towards success.A man who is pessimistic in nature never think to dream high because of his nature.one should be optimistic.Well most of us wants to join some comapny  and we also want that it should be the best company with whom we are going to work so thats what is our high dream. This will made us different from others. Human nature is the nature which always wants to opt for high i.e their dreams are big .But the high dreams which one takes must require hard work.

" HARD WORK " can beat  any challenge.But most of us  are lazy in their works .so for this we should remember "TOMORROW TOMORROW NOT TODAY HERE THE LAZY PEOPLE SAY DONOT PUT OF TILL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY".

A man is judged by his work .Dreaming high is directly proportionate to your hardwork.

CONCLUSION: THINK,DREAM high and do hardwork and give your best then nobody can beat your challenge yo will become the winner in your own strength.

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