I often heard people talking about their flight in an aero plane. I often saw airplanes hovering about the sky. How i wished, i too could enjoy a flight in an aero plane! Fortunately i had an importunately very soon. My father had gone to Mumbai on business. One morning i received a sudden and immediate call from him. He wanted me to reach Mumbai with some very important papers which e had forgotten to take along. I hurriedly collected the documents and a suit of clothes. I packed these things and dashed to the airport. Luckily I got a seat in the plane what was bound for Mumbai. In my heart of hearts, I was very happy to have got this chance. The pilot started the engine. It made a great noise and immediately took off. At last it glided along the ground and then began to ascend from the earth. In a few minutes i found that we were very high up in the sky. In the first few minutes, I felt a little frightened. But soon I overcame my fright and felt easy. I looked below. The scene was charming. The houses looked like small huts or even like match boxes and crops seemed like grass very like the Gulliver's sight in Lilliputs. Men and women looked like ants rivers like serpents crawling on the ground. Everything looked very small and tiny. I enjoyed the sight to the core. We remained in the air for hardly half an hour. It was 8.pm searchlights showed that we were near the Mumbai air port. All of a sudden the deafening sound ceased. The plane began to descend. Soon it touched the ground and came to a standstill. I opened the belt that i had fastened before we took off and came out. The whole experience now seems a wonder. In thirty minutes, i was hundred miles away from home. It was really thrilling. Its memory is still fresh in my mind and i very much wish to fly over a longer distance.


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