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From the 8th century the Muslim invaders began to make forays into Hindustan and by the 12th century the entire North India and the throne at Delhi had
At one time Russia rivaled the USA as a global power, but then came Gorbochov and we all know that Russia broke up into 18 states. This was also the end
Riding a bike in the hills is a matter of great pleasure. It is also an adventure, to be relished long after it has past.  Riding a bike in the

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Subhas Chandra Bose was a rival of Gandhi and during the war he threw his lot with the Fascist powers and joined them. He had a one point agenda to overthrow
At one time Russia rivaled the USA as a global power, but then came Gorbochov and we all know that Russia broke up into 18 states. This was also the end
I had in an earlier post pointed out that the great Hindu warrior  Hemu was struck by an arrow in his eye in the third battle of Panipat and lost

Managers or Team Leaders can broadly be classified into two categories.  Some of them are very brainy while some are good at managing.

Brainy Managers:- These sort of people are extraordinarily intelligent.  They know the systems and process of the organizations very well and have good communication skills while dealing with their clients.

Managing Skills:- The word Manage-R is derived from the word Manage.  These people may not have the skills to be rated as brilliant, but are very  good at man-management, i.e. getting the best of their subordinates through good rapport.

A good manager is one, who can  strike a balance at being reasonably brilliant in his knowledge, to being good at man-management skills.

Some requirements of a good manager are:=

1) Man-Management is a must.  Should be able to identify subordinates who can give a better output. He or she should have ability to keep unity among his subordinates.  Rather than being liked one or two members of the team, the manager should be liked by his entire team or atleast by most of the members of the team.

2) A good manager should have a reasonable knowledge of systems and processes.

3) A good manager should have good communication skills.  By communication skills it is meant  both internal communication within the organization with his bosses and subordinates, and externally outside with clients.

4) Needless to say a manager should have good negotiation skills, both written and oral.

5) A manager should be like a captain of a team, should always lead from the front.

6) A good manger should be able to inspire subordinates.

7) A good manager should take responsibility for subordinators mistakes.  Even if a subordinate makes mistakes, they should not be fired or reported, instead the manager should take the mistake on himself and protect the subordinate.  The subordinate should be made to feel that the manager is always with him. The subordinates always reserve their best for such managers.

8) Should share his success with subordinates.  If the manager gets a letter of appreciation from the organization, he should forward to his subordinates and thank them.  If the manager gets a promotion, he should thank his team and preferably give them a party as a token of appreciation of their support

A good manager is one, whom subordinates should be always be in awe of.  A good manager is one, subordinates should always talk about between themselves in their lunch rooms and homes, when he is present in the organization working with them.  A good manager makes his presence felt to his subordinates, even after his transfer or even after leaving the organization.





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