When light fades away,
And darkness is all over,
When stars begin to glitter,
And the moon comes out of cover,
I think of you,
Only your thoughts are there.
When the sun is tried,
And birds heading fr their nests,
When the sky is a canvas,
Colourful as never seen best,
I think of You,
In my mind you are just.
When flowers are moist,
By the touch of fresh dew,
Chilled winds move silently,
And the world seems again to be new,
I think of you,
And your memories tough few,
When temptations are high,
And the heart goes out of control,
When passions are strong,
And the mind doesn't work at all,
I think of you,
You are myself, as a whole.
When life seems to be ending,
And I fel lonely,
I think of you,
Someday I'll be gone,
But will always remain there,
The love I've preserved for you.

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