One day i was just thinking how many different emotions we show for different happenings in our life . Only we ( human beings ) have got the gift to show different types of

emotions.I have listed below some of the emotions  and the circumstances / situations in which it happens. ( The list of emotions and the situations in which it is expressed

are countless )





  • Husbands will be angry if the food is not ready when they are hungry.

  • Parents will be angry if their children scored very low marks / failed in their examination.

  • Boss will be angry if his subordinates could not finish the work perfectly or could not complete the work in the scheduled time.
  • Wife will be angry if she is waiting to go for a movie and husband did not come in the correct time.

  • We will be angry with our friends if they did not invite us for their marriage or any other important function.

  • Sometimes mother will be angry with her kid if it did not eat food  properly.

  • Teachers will be angry with students if they did not listen to their lectures.

  • A driver will be angry if another vehicle tries to hit his vehicle though he is driving correctly.



  • A child will cry for anything and everything when it is very young and before it can speak.

  • Some women will cry if her husband / inlaws scolds her but her parents never scolded her.

  • We will cry  if we lose any of our friends / relatives close to us.

  • Sometimes we will cry because of disappointment like not getting a job for long time,  don't have child after married for many years etc

  • Sometimes we will cry seeing a touching scene in a movie.

  • Sometimes we will cry out of joy if some of our dreams become true after long time.




  • Whenever we see or hear a good joke.

  • When somebody in our family does some funny things.

  • We will laugh on our own thinking about some past event.



  • When a students checks his number in paper for examination result.

  • When the boss calls his subordinate  for appraisal interview.

  • A husband waiting outside the labour room after admitting his wife.

  • A film star waiting on the first day of his released film to hear its feedback.

  • Politicians waiting for the result of the elections.



  • Sudden death of a known person to us or a popular celebrity.

  • When a student sees low marks on his anwer sheet even though he wrote the exam very well.

  • When parents see a letter by their daughter or son stating that they are leaving the house for their love.

  • When a wife sees her husband very closely with another girl.

  • When a husband sees his wife's head on a stranger's shoulder in a beach.

  • When any of our friends / relatives are diagonised with killing diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Tumour etc.

  • When doctor tells a man / women that it is not possible to have a child.




  • While we are walking in the road and suddenly a car comes very near to us like hitting .

  • Mother shouts at her kid when it does some naughty things like putting sand in mouth, about to throw a glass item etc.

  • A husband may shout at his wife when the food he is eating is too much salty or spicy.

  • A teacher shouts at his students to keep quiet when they are talking loudly.



  • When we are alone in the house and there is no power for more than 4 hours.

  • Sitting in a bus for a long journey ( 7 to 8 hours ) and there is no entertainment in the bus. ( TV / Music ).

  • When we want to talk urgently to a person and his number is engaged for more than 15 minutes.

  • While standing outside an STD booth waiting for the phone for 30 minutes .

  • Standing in long queues in railway stations for booking  a ticket.



  • When we travel long time to see a friend  and his house is locked.

  • For a cricketer, when gets out after scoring 99 runs.

  • For a women, when her periods is getting delayed but the medical test says that she is not pregnant.

  • For an employee awaiting promotion, when his junior got promoted.




  • When we come across some physically challenged persons.

  • When we see a child crying out of hunger and nobody is near to it.

  • On hearing death of people due to accident / flood / other natural calamities.

  • On seeing poor people who have lost their house, cloth and everything due to cyclones.
  • On seeing animals like dog, cat, goat etc shivering in rain on roads.




  • Some people may get jealous of their friends earning well in abroad  while they get less salary in India.

  • Some may get jealous of their relatives owning car & house while they live in rented house .

  • Women may get jealous of  their friend's jewels gifted by her husband when comparing with her own husband.




  • Whenever we see somebody staring at our house continuously for a week.



  • After having a long walk in the sun.

  • After a mega shopping for one full day.

  • After completing the work in office on a weekend.
  • For a working women, reaching office after cooking, packing lunch, getting the kid ready to school etc.



  • When we see a ghost film in night we will have fear and won't get sleep for sometime.

  • When we see some harmful insects like snake ( But some will fear even for cockroaches and lizards ).

  • A small kid will fear on seeing a stranger.




  • We might have participated in some competitions. We will be very thrilled to hear unexpectedly that we are one of the winners.

  • When we see detective / thrill movies in TV / Theatres.

  • When we go deep in a forest searching something.




  • When parents hear that their son / daughther got some awards / appreciation .

  • An actor when he is adjudged as Best Actor.

  • When Indian team wins world cup.

  • When our boss appreciates our work infront of other colleagues.

  • When a student gets high marks and his teacher appreciates him infront of his classmates.

  • When our inlaws says we are very lucky to get a guy / girl like you.

  • When our son / daughter says to his / her friends that he / she is lucky to get a wonderful parents.




  • When we see some good shows / films in TV.

  • When our husband / wife gives us a surprise gift.

  • Anybody in this world will be happy on seeing a child's innocent smile.

  • When we buy a house / car.

  • When we get good hikes in our company.

  • When we meet our friends / relatives unexpectedly after a very long time.

  • When our friend 's / relative's marriage is fixed.

  • When a baby is born to our friend / relative.

  • Parents will be very happy when their son / daughter gives them a gift on their first salary.




  • A pregnant lady after giving birth to her child.

  • Parents after making marriage for their son / daughter.

  • Students after finishing their exams.

  • Reaching home safely after withdrawing heavy cash from bank.

  • Going to restroom after a long journey in bus.




  • Women will be fascinated on seeing a wonderful silk saree or a beautiful gold / diamond jewel.

  • Young guys are fascinated towards beautiful girls and costly mobiles.

  • Kids are fascinated towards dolls.

  • Old people are fascinated on seeing God's idol decorated in an excellent manner.



  • When somebody don't get a proper job after attending many interviews.

  • When a women doesn't have a child after married for long time.

  • We will feel definitely sad on the last day of our school / college / workplace.

  • When our close relatives leave our house after staying and enjoying with us for a week or so.


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