This is what God says: " the children for whom i have cared for so tenderly for so long have rebelled against me. Even an animal; a horse or a cow; doesn't forget the care of his master. But these people that i made have completely forgotten me. No matter what i do for them,they only show indifference.

"Ah, how wicked people are. Born to be filthy, they have forsaken their god; they have gone far away from me.

"Listen to me , my children. Pay attention to my words. Truth comes from me,my righteousness is the light of mankind.

"It is I, God , your creator who is calling you. Why are you afraid of mere humans, who like grass that withers are doomed to die?How can you fear a person; a sinful person; and not fear God who threw the stars into their orbits and created the earth?

"Listen! Let's talk this cover,"says God. "No matter how stained by sin, no matter how filthy you are, i will make you as white as snow.Evan if yours sins are red like crimsons, you will be as white as snow. If you will seek my help and listen to me, then never again will you lack joy and satisfaction. I , yes I alone, for my sake will blot out your sins and will never remember them again."


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