Hi friends in this article let us discuss the situation that is happening in Pakistan. Recently whenever you see any TV channels you can watch the Flash news such that bomb blast in Pakistan. Even today when I woke early in the morning I was shocked to see a bomb blast in Peshawar, Pakistan.

This is again suicide mission which killed innocent people. Really I don’t know, what these terrorists demand, but I can say one thing they are just killing the innocent people in the name of God. Really these innocent people are not aware of any of these, and they lose their valuable life unnecessarily without any case, and moreover this is a big blow for their family members who are fully depended on them.

This is really a long term effect as people suffer due to this bomb blast. Today(20th November ) I saw the news and really felt bad, because 18 people, innocent people, lost their life due to the bomb blast in Peshawar. This suicide bomb blast took place in the Peshawar court.

Apart from the death of 18 innocent people, more than 46 people were injured and let us play that they get cured and soon get discharged from the hospital, and return back to the normal life. Well, describing about the recent Peshawar Suicide blast, a young suicide bomber came in a taxi with 10 Kgs bomb and he directly entered the court in Peshawar located in the Khyber Pass road, and activated the bomb.

Unfortunately, there were lot of people in the court yesterday, and as a result of this bomb blast, 18 people including three policemen were killed. At present the police sealed the entire area and took it under their control and also banned traffic temporarily.

Really this is very much worrying as we can’t tolerate innocent people getting killed every day in Pakistan. As a human we should love all the people and it is only due to some selfish and greedy people, the violence occurs and they are talented in brainwashing innocent people and involve them in violence, in the name of God. This must be stopped and everyone should understand the value of mankind.

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