Hi friends in this article let us discuss about a very different topic and I guess it will be a very interesting topic indeed. This can be seen very common in all houses and a matter of fact, I guess, while reading this article, you will also be using this one.

This is none other than chairs.Here we will discuss some of its history and also how they were originated and how people started using it in day to day use. We will discuss it in a very simple way and so let us see some of the unknown facts about chairs in this article.

So when it comes to the origin of chairs, it all started from the 16th century and reports say that before the sixteenth century, common people were not using chairs. The use of chairs becomes common among all sorts of people, by the beginning of 17th century.

When we consider the historic era, during the period of Kings, the use of chair was considered as a prestigious issue and moreover those doesn’t look like an ordinary chair, rather it contains lot of art work and also made of ornaments, and it directly impact the power of the king.


If you want to see those chairs, then the right place is the Egypt museum and London Museum, where you can see the very old chairs.The earliest known chairs belong to Egyptian Kings and these chairs are very special as the design of the chairs also has some meaning.

Usually when we see any old Egypt King’s chair, you can see that to be very low and also has a curved back. When we look at the legs of these chair, we can see the sculptures of the animals and that symbolizes the power of the king and how brave is the king.

The Babylonians chairs are usually made of palm wood and they are soft and light and this comforts those who sit on the chair. Next comes the Greek chairs, which are made up of bentwood. Cathedra and Sellae are the terms which are used to denote the Greeks and Romans chair respectively.

These chairs are followed by chairs of Renaissance, English and American type. So slowly and steadily the development of chairs took place at a rapid rate and the latest chairs come with lot of technologies that comforts those who sit in the chair. So I guess, this short introduction about the history of chairs will definitely give you an idea and we can also discuss in detail about various types of chair in the forthcoming articles.

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