come to my orchard

watch lovely apples

full of nutrition

full of sap

enjoy the sweetness

feel the nectar

flowing through throat

fruits, flowers, grains

almighty's wonderful treasures

are limitless



let us care for these wonders of nature

let nature be respected

let nature be worshipped

let nature be flourished

in every corner of your







and the whole world

save nature

love nature

conserve nature


With day to day depleting treasures of nature we are heading towards a never ending crisis posing a threat to the life on our planet. It is very easy to disturb and destruct nature but it would be impossible to bring it back after it is irreversibley damaged. This is the hightime to think and act and it is the duty  of each one of us to conserve nature in whatever way we can, otherwise our coming generations will never forgive us to eat up their share of nature.


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Written by
Dr. Sanjeev K. Paul
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