Soul is that part of us, what we so identify with, that the extent of identification, does not allow us to be aware of it's existence. We are more soul, than we are body, mind, emotion, or any other state of ourselves, that we are aware of. That what we cannot identify in ourselves, but what we are, above all else, is what is called soul. Soul has no attributes, or it has all attributes, perhaps, because there is nothing which cannot be identified by the soul, including it's own existence, eventually, where ever the soul has the expression of perception.

It is said in Hinduism, that there is bliss absolute, when we identify, the soul. Why is this so? I don't know, and if there is bliss in the identification with the soul, which has no identity, beyond itself, then what is there to conjecture. Perhaps, we cannot identify with the soul, because, beyond the identification of the soul, there is no other identification. If we identified the soul, then we would identify identification, and that what identifies, but that what has no identity. I mean, that what can identify, but what does not have an identity on it's own. Perhaps, all happiness, which is the result of identification, is a matter of guilt, and insecurity, because we identify others unhappy despite our happiness, and perceived prosperity. If in this world, we can be happy, when others are unhappy, or if we can be unhappy, when others are happy, then who appreciates our happiness and unhappiness, than ourselves?

We try to make others happy, when we are not happy ourselves. I have never been happy, without being guilty. How can one identify, the soul, in another? If one can want to make another happy, desperately, but realizing above all else, that there is nothing which will make the other happy, then you have identified the soul, in another person. One does not want happiness for the other, for any other reason, except for the appreciation of the identification of the soul

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