In this PROVERB SERIES-3 article, the proverb that I have taken is:

         It is human nature to postpone things. Often we feel lazy and therefore postpone them. But more often than not, it is because of our over confidence that we postpone things. We believe that we can attend to them at any time we want and that they do not need any advance attention. But as time passes on, either because of our forgetfulness or because of our pre-occupation with others, they get postponed and finally when the situation worsens we have to pay much more attention than what was once needed.

        As a student, we all must have had such an experience. We do not generally study regularly from beginning of the year. But as examinations approach, we make a feverish attempt, burn midnight oil and spend long hours in revising the subject matter. Sometimes, when we think that time at our disposal is short while the material to be revised much, we get panicky. Either we devote longer hours and spoil our health or get perplexed and fail to get the necessary credits. If only we had studied regularly!
        This kind of experience is not limited to students alone. Many a time we start a little late hoping to catch the bus but miss it; and the next bus as a rule, comes late and we reach the school or office later than we expect. It is not only in going to school or office; but also in many things in life. How often we exclaim, “if only I did it then!”.

        That delay is dangerous, applies to nations as well. Be it in storing or procuring food for lean months, or in making preparations for an essential project; or in entering into a treaty or agreement with another country or in defence preparedness, no country can afford to postpone. ‘Do it now’ must be our motto. Then we don’t have to say that a stitch in time saves nine.

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