If someone addict with liquor, cigarette or anything and he or she want to quit but every efforts to quit going fail! Then one day he or she got angry on him or herself and use ego and anger and strictly decide to quit, it works there .

it’s very simple to be difficult but it is very difficult to be simple. We tend to make mental monsters out of small issues. The only way out is that we should not carry forward today’s balance of our grievances with people to tomorrow. We should be like kids - fight today and forget today itself and you see this "anger" thing won't be able to do much of the damage to you.

We all know that anger is not good in our life. We people also understand basics and everything in life. Everyone have their own nature their own personality and we always think to control anger but in some situations our own nature comes out and we can't control our anger. I have faced such situations so many times. Let me know proper way to solve such a situations because the time is for fraction of seconds only responsible for every wrong decisions and turmoil of all relations in our life. It’s not only mine problem but I have seen most person doing same way.

I have faced exactly the similar situation which you are facing. We get angry when we have low self esteem and a feeling that the person concerned is not giving an ear to what we actually want.

I took the basic course of art of living and I have a much better control on my anger and all other emotions and what’s more I have a better health and raised energy levels also. If you wish you can take up that course.



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