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Pradeep was silent..

Muskan was very unwell today. She was having high fever and joint aches. Pradeep was waiting for Namita to come home so that both could take her to the hospital.  Pradeep had prepared soup for Muskan and was insisting her to sip it. Muskan didn't like the taste so sipped a little and then refused. In the meantime, Namita had arrived. She immediately changed her uniform and was ready to go to the hospital.

Doctor examined Muskan and gave her the medicines and asked her parents to get the girl examined at another hospital with more facilities where thorough investigations could be carried out. Both decided that tomorrow they will take leave from their duties and get Muskan checked in the better hospital.

In the evening, they gave all the medicines to Muskan as prescribed by the doctor. Muskan felt well after about half an hour when her fever came down. She played for some time, ate a chapati with daal and then slept.

Pradeep was working as a lectrurer in school while Namita was a sub-inspector in the police department.

In the morning, Muskan got up happily and told her parents that she was feeling very well now.

While Namita was thinking of calling her office for a day's leave, the phone rang up. It was a call from her office about an emergency due to roits. She had to go, she so requested Pradeep to please take Muskan for the check up. She was duty bound so requested him to co-operate.

Pradeep was very annoyed with Namita for it.

He didn't take Muskan for check up, rather he sent her to the school saying she is well now and went to his school.

In the evening all three were back home. Everything was going well, suddenly Muskan started vomiting.There was lot of blood coming out in the vomit. Namita and Pradeep were rushing with Muskan to the hospital but on the way she breathed her last. Doctor declared her brought dead.

Everyone in the family was mourning and crying but Pradeep was silent.

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