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My job demands huge energy to get work done. Being the Production Manager have to cope up with the Customer demands and have to allot work to the workers and operators as per dispatch plans.

Also doing forecasting of Production of Steel with the resources available is not a tough task, but the main issue is implementing the plan and complete the customer requirement as per quality standard. The Quality matters more when steel produced by us is going to be used in aircraft components, nuclear power plants, automotive parts, etc.

After 3 months training, we were put in a rotational shift shedule. I got night shift and have to carry out the work. During college days, me and my fellow friends used to night out for studying or just timepass but the nights in office were different as we have to get the production targets done within the time.

Also we were trained to produce more than the target, on the first night we were full of energy on work and achieved double of the target. The worker were happy with the methodology of work of ours. Handle 20-25 workers isn't that easy, they have their own way of working and understanding their method and implementing a new method of working is a bit tough. Many worker have a tendency to have a sleep of atleast 3 hours in night from 4 am to 7 am. With this tendency they used to complete the shift target within 4-5 hours and take rest in remaining time. But me and my partner don't want to happen this, we were against sleeping during working hours.

Three more days we used to put more stress on more production than targets. Side-by-side we analysed production rate, also carried out Time Study and Work Study techniques for every processes we have in our department. Daily production report was our main performance mirror on which our future growth is depended. We got good team work and gave more production than targets and usual production rate. The analysed data was very useful to minimize our labour work and time.

 Night Shifts are very much tough from physical health point of view.

During night shift, I used to sleep at 9 am in day time and wake up at 5 or 6 pm in evening and go for job at 11 pm and return by 7 am. The whole day sleeping made my body pain a lot. I have to given visit doctor for the same. I was fed up of night shift because of my health issue. Though I went 6 days for night shift in that week and had to spent next 4 days in hospital on bed rest. My eyes got dark circles and back-ache was heavily making me frustrated.

This problem also had an effect on my way of working and thinking. I requested my Manager for not to give me night shift for atleast next two months. He didn't schedule my shift in night for next 2 months.

But now after 2 months I got to again on night shift and take that pain once again continuously for 6 nights. I thought I can run from my work schedule but rotational shifts are part of my work. I used to run from this pain but this week I am ready to face that pain with full courage I will go through these painful nights.

Its time to face the real challenge and prove myself with my work performance and overcome the night shift pain.



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