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Privacy is an important thing in every section. Same goes for mobile phones too. People always have something to hide from others on their mobile phone
Riding a bike in the hills is a matter of great pleasure. It is also an adventure, to be relished long after it has past.  Riding a bike in the

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I had in an earlier post pointed out that the great Hindu warrior  Hemu was struck by an arrow in his eye in the third battle of Panipat and lost


Sudhir and Latif were close friends and classmates.

Latif had gone to Sudhir’s house was quite a big house, but everything was in disorder. The house was not neatly maintained.

Sudhir and Latif had planned to study together as the exams were approaching. Sudhir was dressed shabbily with clothes which were not washed clean. His hair was disheveled. Latif was neat and tidy in every way. Sudhir’s parents had gone to work and Sudhir was alone.

Sudhir sat with Latif to study, but he could not concentrate. Latif had brought nearly all the books of all the subjects, they were to study; also his pen, pencils and all the things required.

Sudhir wanted to take out his books, he could not find them and he had to spend time searching them out. He took out the books but some of the pages were torn; some were dirty, the edges of the pages were worn out.

Latif was quite disturbed by Sudhir’s ways. At the same time he did not want to hurt his feelings, as he was his close friend.

Latif was quite disturbed by Sudhir’s ways. At the same time he did not want to hurt his feelings, as he was his close friend.

Latif said to Sudhir: “Have a good bath and change, then you will feel fresh and you will be able to concentrate. We will first arrange your things properly, so that you find everything without wasting time.”

Sudhir did as Latif told him. He felt more active and energetic. Both the boys took out Sudhir’s books and repaired them as well as they could. Latif helped Sudhir to arrange and keep everything neatly.

Then they worked together for some time and it was time for Latif to leave.

Latif told Sudhir: “Orderliness in dressing helps a person to be healthy and to impress others.” “Orderliness in keeping things properly helps a person to find things easily, to save time and energy.”

Sudhir was impressed by what Latif had told him.

Ramzan-Id festival was falling two days later. Latif told Sudhir on the previous day of Ramzan-Id: “Sudhir, tomorrow is Ramzan-Id. Please come to my house. My friends are also coming. We can have a fine time.”

As planned, Sudhir went to Latif’s house. Sudhir was surprised to see that it was a small house, with about fifteen to twenty members in the family. The house was neat and tidy and well-arranged. Latif and his parents welcomed Sudhir and other friends, who had come to celebrate Ramzean-Id. Latif’s father was a majestic, social person, well-read and well-informed. Latif’s mother was a homely, affectionate lady.

The boys were made comfortable and given the sweets and falooda of Ramzan-Id. Latif’s mother served them sumptuously. As they were enjoying themselves, Latif’s father explained to them the significance of Ramzan-Id.

All the boys enjoyed themselves and left for their homes. Sudhir too came home.

He disussed his experiences with his parents. Both his parents explained the importance of good personal habits of being neat and tidy and keeping things well arranged. Sudhir’s mother told him how lack of orderliness can lead to accidents. Sudhir’s mother had tried to advise him even earlier but never succeeded in making him understand. His visit to Latif’s house and his parents’ advice made him understand the importance of orderliness.

Sudhir told his mother: “In future. I will see to it that I am neat and tidy, I shall keep the things I use, back in the right place. I will also help you to maintain the house neat and tidy, by doing what you do not get time to do. “His mother was happy about the change in Sudhir, since he had experienced the advantage of being orderly it remained termly in his mind.

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