Just like a stranger you walked into my life,
A little known, but still a lot unknown,
she rode into my dreams, she dashed into my life,
whenever we met:
A hurricane howled through my mind,
An incomprehensive blindess blindfolded my eyes,
A shattering earthquake engulfed my being,
She was the queen i dreamt of each night,
She came on a white dove, she had shining armour,
as she turned to me, a glance marooned me into a desert,
A twinkle of her eyes dazzled the daylights out of me,
A smile of her, swept me off my feet,
My cupid struck heart spoke a thousand words,
that couldnt reach my mouth,
I wanted to tell her that she meant the universe to me,
but i could never understand how in the universe i could tell her that.
When i standing her there, I'bout to blow my mind:
And as she moved her eyes towards me,
I felt the blood go to my feet,
It's been months since i have seen her now, yet...
MY CUPID STRUCK HEART stammers to say
i love you!





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You live and learn. At any rate, you live be the best among the best! try try try again!! About Me: http://www.youtube.comwatch?v=9uHHbLTAZx0 There was a dream that was me, you could only whisper it,anything more than a whisper and it would vanish !!
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