There were two friends Ram and shyam. Shyam is not good prson, he stayed with prostitude and waste his llife by doing bad things only, while on the other hand his friend ,becoming ever more devoted to Guru`s bhakthi and went regularly to the satsang.

And everyday Ram tried to bring his friend to the right path,but nothing he could say would induce Shyam to give his dissolute conduct.

Now, after a month Ram said to Shyam- Today is a day when Satguru will distribute Parshad.Give up your evil ways for once and come with me to the satsang. No matter how sinful a person may be, I am told that attending the discourse of a Saint gets rid of all one`s fears and doubts, and when has faith, the sins of many lives are washed away.In the name of friendship, come with me. You will realize how profitable the company of the Saint is and what bliss you can enjoy.

Shyam smiled and told to Ram- You go to satsang every dayand earn great merit. Instead, I do evil. Let us see what we reap today as the result of our actions.Meet me at my house at noon, and we will then compare notes.

So, for the time being , the two friends parted company.

Shyam went at once to the prostitute`s house,but she had gone out. He walked moodily back to his own house and began to wait for his friend.But his friend was late, for he had been so fascinated by the discourse and the discussion afterwardsthat he stayed much longer than usual.

While he was  waiting, Shyam began to pass the time by pushing his stick into the earth. The earth was soft and after he had dug at it for sometime,his stick struck an earthen pot with it mouth covered by a lid.When hw removed the lid, saw a gold coin lying on the top, andhe quickly pulled the pot out of the earth,hoping to find it filled with gold coins.To his great disaapointment, he found that the pot contained only one gold coin,the rest of it being filled with pieces of charcoal.His only consolation was that he got one gold coinwithout working for it.

just then his friend arrived, limping along and apparently in considerable pain.Than Shyam asked Ram that what has happend, why he is in pain.

Than he replied, that he has stepped on a long thorn. As a luck would have it, it broke off under the skin and this has made it much more painful.

Shyam laughed heartily at this and said oh brother now you can compare yourself  that what fruites you have gained to go to satsang and my evil act.I have received agift of a gold coin, but you have stepped on a thorn. Are you still going to sing the praises of satsang???

Than Ram doubted and thinks that how God ran His world: why the evil prospered while those who were trying to lead good lives suffered.

Than they both decided to go to Satguru, they went their told the entire story to him.

Saguru by means of his inner vision the pat lives of the two men and the causes of their present experience.

Than they told them to sit down there and said to Shyam - In past life you gave a total of one gold coin in charity .Your karma for this act ,in this life,was to receive a pot filled to the brim with gold coins. But due to your actions,each day you did the evil deed all your gold coins turned into pieces of charcoal. This morninig , by accident ,you did not do an evil deed and as a result you got one gold coin.Otherwise , that also would have turned into a piece of charcoal.

than Sattguru turned to the other person Ram.

You ,in your past life,were a despot and a tyrant a monarch by whose orders many thousands of people were killed.You killed others in pointles battles.For these deeds ,you should have paid in this life by being tortured and hanged.But because you attended satsang and met the Master,the payment for your karmas has been very reduced. How did you pay for all the murders you committed? By pinprick instead of death by torture.

Upon hearing the Guru`s words,the two friend fell at his feet and begged for forgiveness of their sins.In due time,both were purified and flooded with the inner light of God`s Word, and both attained union with the Lord.

See how satsang and the glory of the Guru are precious beyond measure, that punishment by hanging becomes a pinprick !


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