Who belonged to the same village Gangappa with five other passengers, sat by the roadside, not knowing where to go or what to do. Next day people from the adjoining village gathered and with their help life took a new turn for Gangappa. He managed to secure a job as a laborer in the dam construction site on the other side of      the hill. He built a small hut and went to work at eight in the morning coming back by seven thirty in the evening.

Gangappa did not know how to cook. His wife always cooked tasty meals for him. But he became one work after another during the day a sound sleep at night.

One evening, Gangappa was returning from work, very tired and hungry. It was gradually getting dark. He wanted to reach his hut as quickly as possible. Suddenly, Gangappa heard a voice of a child crying.

Gangappa could not go any further; He stopped and tried to make out the exact direction from where the sound was coming. It was pitching dark dry now. But, Gangappa could still hear the sound of a sobbing child, “Who’s there?” he called out loudly.

The sound of the sobbing stopped for some time. Gangappa waited quietly. As soon as he was about to proceeds towards his hut the sobbing started again. Gangappa could now make out the direction from where the sound was coming. He turned to the left and started going started going towards the sound.

Gangappa walked on for some time. He had big torch in his hand. It guided him to the narrow path among the tall trees all around. The sobbing was gradually becoming louder. Suddenly he turned towards the child. The child was very frightened. He saw Gangappa approaching him. Gangappa stretched out his hand and patted the child on his head. “What is your name?

“He asked gently.” Mantua, “a small voice replied. “What a nice name, Mangatu!  “Yes, “the chilled now warmed up to Gangappa, “my mother says that my father specially asked for me, and God gave me, he named me Mangatu”. “Oh really! How interesting! Where does your father work?”

Gangappa asked the boy. “My father has gone far away. My mother says he will never come back. “Gangappa knew that the child’s father was no more. “Why were you crying?” he then asked gent. “I’ m hungry,” the child replied. Gangappa did not have anything to eat. He could not leave the child hungry and go away “can you wait for me here for some time?

Will you get something to eat, ‘he said? The child nodded his head.

Gangappa was towards his hut. It was about four kilometers and he converts the distance in fifteen minutes. He knew that he had some leftover food. After reaching his hut, he quickly packed the chapattis ad vegetables in a box and ran to where the child was sitting. The little boy was huddled in the same position. His eyes lit up when he saw Gangappa. He took the box and ate the chapattis hungrily. Seeing the child’s contented face Gangappa happiness knew no bounds. “You wait for me here, I will get some chapattis for you everyday, “he promised. With his stomach full the child skipped away into the darkness shouting, “I will be there tomorrow,” as he went.


 Since then, everyday Gangappa left the construction site a little early went home and cooked food for Mangatu and himself. He then came to the place where the child would be waiting for him. They both had their dinner together.


The weather was very bad but Gangappa knew that the child would be waiting for his food. He was in a hurry to leave. Finally he completed his work and walked at a fas6t pace towards the hilltop. But when he reached there, he was surprised to see a young woman with Mangatu. As soon as the boy saw Gangappa he wanted to run towards him but, the lady, who was obviously the mother, held the boy filmy. “Why are you feeding my child regularly?” she asked sternly. “We are not beggars and I will not be able to pay you anything for the food.”


Gangappa was taken aback by the harsh tone. “I am very sorry if I have hurt your feelings,” he replied courteously. “But, I do not want any money for food I give to your because I am alone in this world. I do not like to eat alone so I bring my food here and give him a little bit. We enjoy each other’s company.” “Where is your family?” the lady asked. “My wife and three small Children were swept in the floods. Now, I earn a living and cook food for you everyday. You Come to my house and eat it there. But, you will have got two small children. I have to look after them. You earn the money and I will cook your food.” “That is an excellent idea!” Gangappa exclaimed. He thanked God for arranging good home-made food for him everyday. His good deed towards the child he had paid him well.

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