Suresh, a student of X standard was traveling to the school by bus. It was already a little late. He got down from the bus and was heading hurriedly towards his school, when he saw a woman with a child in her arms, desperately asking everyone to show her the way to the hospital as the child was seriously ill. Nobody tried to help her, as move on. Suresh felt sorry for the child and the woman.

Suresh tried to explain to the woman how to get to the hospital, as he himself was getting late for school. The lady looked tense and in distress. She was not able to understand, though he tried to explain to her as best as he could. Suresh felt the woman would not be able to get proper medical assistance on her own. So he decided to go with her to the hospital and get the child admitted.

Suresh arrived in the school half-an-hour late. He tried to explain to his teacher, the reason for his late arrival but she would not listen to him. She sent him the principal. The Principal gave him a patient hearing. As the hospital was quite near to the school, and as he knew the people there, he called up the hospital and after verifying what Suresh had told him, appreciated Suresh’s commendable act and sent him to his class with a note to his teacher.


The lost purse

Sunil got up late. He left for school in a great hurry. He got into the red color bus, he met his classmate, Suresh and they started chatting, when the bus conductor came, Suresh promptly bought tickets for both. When the bus reached the stop, both of them got down.

Sunil wanted to buy some reading books for preparing questions to answers for the inspection, which was scheduled the next day.

Sunil and Suresh went to the shop and bought the grammar books.

Anil began searching his packets for his purse, but could not find it. He was puzzled; he did not know what could have happened to his purse! He borrowed some money from Suresh to pay the shopkeeper. Just then, Sunil saw a boy, rather poorly dressed, taking out money from a purse, similar to the one he usually carried. Sunil thought the boy had picked his purse. He quarreled with the boy and snatched the purse from him, even though Suresh tried to stop him. When Sunil reached home from school, his mother told him that he had forgotten to take his purse, and gave it to him.

Sunil realized his mistake. He felt sorry for accusing that ill-dressed boy of picking his purse.

On thinking further, he realized that all this was the result of his rather bad habit of getting up late, hurrying and forgetting things.

Sunil managed to find the boy, whom he had wrongly accused. He apologized to him and returned his purse. He decided at once to give up his bad habits.


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