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  I was a small boy when John Wayne died in 1979. But even at that age  I loved the films of John Wayne and watched them in cinema halls with

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  I was a small boy when John Wayne died in 1979. But even at that age  I loved the films of John Wayne and watched them in cinema halls with

A sinner is one who commits sins. Any kind of harm done to others is a sin. Speaking lies is also a sin. Every sinner has to suffer for his sins. Nobody shares our sins. Not even our nearest and dearest is prepared to share our sins. Not even the wife or the children of a sinner will share his sins. So ultimately, the sinner alone should suffer for his sins. And he was to pay heavily for his sinful acts. If he entertains any hope that his sins will be shared by others, he is thoroughly mistaken.

You may have heard about the robber who always thought that his sins would be shared by his family. The robber lived in a forest. He used to rob the people as they passed through the forest. That way, robbery became his profession. It was his only source of living. So, he used to kill people merciless, if they resisted him.

One day a sage was passing through the forest. The robber attacked him. He demanded money from him. Otherwise he would be killed. But the sage told him that he had nothing to give him. He advised the robber to give up his sinful life and lead a pious life chanting the name of god. No one would come to his rescue when he had to suffer for his sins. Nobody would share his sins. Not even his wife or children. So, it would be foolish on his part to become a sinner for the sake of those people who would desert him in his distress. But the robber insisted that his wife and children would definitely share his sins. After all, he became a robber and sinner only to feed them. He rushed to his house to know whether they would not share his sins.

The robber asked his son whether he would not share his sins. But the son firmly replied that he would not. His wife too said that she would not share his sons. After all, it was his duty to feed them. They would share his earnings and food, but not his sins. Even his little daughter would have nothing to do with his sins. The robber was shocked at the replies. At last he realized their selfishness. He grew repentant. He ran back to the sage and fell down at his feet. He at once became the follower of the sage. He had given up his sinful ways of living. He became a pious man and he was blessed by God.

That is the story of a sinner turned saint. So, men and women! Never commit any sin. Never entertain bad or evil thoughts. Try to be free from all the seven deadly sins. Such people are always loved and blessed by God. Try to deserve the blessings of God.

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