Once there was a little girl called veena who was 6 years old. She was so naughty and playful. She always kept talking with someone or the other.

            One fine morning her father was sitting on the dining table and was doing some important office work. He was so tensed and wanted to complete his work as soon as possible.He was already tensed and during that time veena came there and called her father. She had nobody else to converse with. So she wanted to talk with her dad.

          But he became angry. He asked her move away from that place but she didn't go. He then took a world map which was on the table and tore it into pieces. He gave the pieces to veena and asked her to join it back again.He thought that she won't be able to do that.he started to continue his work.

          But veena came back within 5 minutes with the map in shape again. Dad was so surprised and couldn't understand how she did that. He asked veena " How did you complete this so soon baby??" .veena replied ," daddy, the map on the other side had the picture of a man's face. That made me easy to join." dad was so surprised and was happy also about veena's attitude towards problems.


                  A problem which has occurred in your life will be new to you. But don't get frustrated on viewing the problem. Look into the problem on any other dimension. Analyse the problem from outside. Don't get emotionally upset. Revoke new energy and organise the the procedures to solve the problem. When looked into slowly the problem would appear smaller. when it becomes smaller it would be easy to solve.

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