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Though this is a story it is a real story of my friend ... She was a software engineer and her husband was a mechanical engineer in marketing field.

Hema felt cornered, tired and frustrated. She was angry with everyone in general and Vijay in particular. Wasn't he the root cause of all her problems? He always said that he was fine with whatever decision she took. She wanted to take a break from work and look after their darling baby girl. But every time she suggested that, he said he would take an additional job to cover their expenses. That was out of question as he was already killing himself with work and she knew that it would be difficult for them to manage without her income. What choice did she have? She was finding it difficult to spend time with her baby as her work was demanding. He was also busy most of the days and was usually exhausted on his only weekly day off to do anything worthwhile. Life seemed meaningless

Theirs was an arranged marriage but surprisingly they got along very well with each other and were the best of friends. They had similar interests, did everything together and life was fun. Vijay had some commitments and Hema was very supportive. They were both sure that they would be in a fine position in another couple of years and worked towards it. Things were very smooth until Vijay went to visit his newborn niece and was very impressed with the innocent face smiling, cooing and playing with him. It made him realize that he wanted a baby like that at home to smile and play and forget every other care in the world when he returned home from work. He dint want to wait to start a family. Hema was a little skeptical at first wondering if they were ready for all the responsibility that comes with it but decided to go ahead with his decision.

All that seemed so long ago. She had rushed home today after a tough day at work, hoping to spend sometime with her daughter only to find that the maid had absented herself again and she had a lot of chores waiting for her attention. Vijay walked in just then looking tired, but Hema could not control her frustration and started complaining about everything and was gearing up for a fight. He got irritated and was about to retort in kind when he saw her tired face and tear filled eyes. He silently walked into the kitchen and started doing the dishes. Hema felt ashamed. She now understood why she had supported every decision of his and why she would do so in future too.

Now she has quit her job and is taking care of her kid full time :)


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