Smoking is injuries to health

Character is the qualities by which you are known by all. You are know everywhere by your character. You character makes you different from others. You greatness totally depends on your character.

Sumant and Paramesh are neighbors and are studying in class VII. One day they went to see a film. In the theatre they saw people smoking. Sumant told his friend, ``we too will smoke toady; no one will understand us’’. But paramesh questioned him saying, ``How dare you speak! It is wrong to make. Let them smoke. But should not disobey our parents and teachers’’. But Sumant did not care his words. He bought a cigarette and began to smoke. Paramesh forcefully removed it from his hand and threw it away.

Now observe the character of Sumant and Paramesh. It is clear that Paramesh has a very strong character. Paramesh has a very strong character. Paramesh’s big no to smoking shows the real personality of his. Sumant has a hiding personality. He behaves well in front of his parents and teachers. But being away from them, he has a different character.

Paramesh is having a strong will –power. His decisions are correct. He could control himself. He keeps to himself the good principles or rules by his teachers and parents.

All of you need a pleasing and strong character.

How to acquire a strong and a pleasing character?

  • A strong pleasing character is built up on courage. That meaning willingness to say no to evil actions. Don’t follow the group, but follow your conscience –inner voice.
  • Think of the good advice given by your teachers and parents. Put into practice those good principles or rules.
  • Read the life stories of great men like mahatma Gandhi., Abraham Lincoln, swami Vivekananda, Martin Luther king junior, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller and so on.
  • Behave politely, speak softly; keep good appearance.

*Your character and your personality are the same. If you have a good character, you have a good personality. If you have a bad character, you have a bad personality.

Gandhi, Lincoln, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa are all great personality of the world. They never did anything to get name or fame. People respected them, loved them because they practiced what they preached.

You all need a strong and pleasing character. You need a strong and courageous will to say no to a boy or grill who asks you to copy an answer. You need courage to say no when you are asked to smoke. You need courage to say no to yourself when feel to steal somebody’s books or money. You need courage to say yourself, `` I somebody’s books or money. You need courage to say to yourself, ``I will avoid bad friends’.

You should cultivate everlasting values in your life. Such as honesty, faithfulness, forgiveness, and service –mindedness and thankfulness, Grow with these values and you will be ever accepted everywhere, thus can have a pleasing personality. These qualities reveal your real character.

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