Speech is great but silence is greater.. You are the master of an Unspoken word while a spoken word masters you.. I sat on my couch wondering if it is true.. Being short tempered, I always tried to sort things with arguments and never stopped to try the most powerful solution.. Silence. In the rush of our busy day-to-day life, we almost forgot it.. As I sat there, the ticking of clock, silent buzz of electronics were the only sounds I heard.. It was scary but soothing at the same time.. We became so accustomed to the sound of traffic, hammering of television that we cannot imagine world so silent.. It was not only external silence I experienced.. An internal silence too.. A feeling of loneliness engulfed me and my surroundings were echoing my state.. It was maddening , but on thinking I found the following..


1. Silence allows us to question ourselves about our purpose in life
2. Silence enables us to let go of bad thoughts and put them into a different place in our mind
3. Silence is the most powerful tool for talking to someone. Silence is an action and it speaks louder sometimes than our voice.
4. Silence is the best friend. It enables our intuition to work when we need it the most.
5. Silence enables to see the beauty of the things that is around us and what we have: our health, our state of well being and seeing smily faces.
6. Silence allows us to develop gratitude for the opportunity to be who we want to be.

I never knew silence had so many advantages.. It is always good to grab a few silent minutes in our busy schedule and listen to our own heart.. Enjoy the silence...

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