Mohan was weak in mathematics. He always scored low marks in the subject. Many students in his class also feared mathematics. Suresh was the only student who always did well in mathematics. Mohan was jealous of him.

One day a mathematics problem confused Mohan. He tried his best to solve it. But he could not. He saw Suresh sitting alone at a distance. Forgetting al his dislike for him, he went to Suresh with the problem. Suresh helped him solve the problem.

Mohan had a new idea. He called all his friends, sat with Suresh and started to study mathematics. Mathematics becomes very interesting. The mathematics teacher was surprised to see the change in them. He was very happy.

Mohan also brought his friends together and started to play different games. For the first time his class stood first both in games and studies.

All this happened because they worked together, Working together means sharing a given work. When the work is shared, it is easily done. Each one puts in his share. As a result, the work is done easily. To work together, a plan is needed. We need to listen to others. Every one should feel free to share ideas. When things go wrong, without arguing and blaming one another, take a proper view of the situation. Take steps to correct them.

We also need to appreciate to appreciate one another. When we learn to work in harmony, nothing becomes difficult for us. Let us work together for a better life.

*Learn to work together for a better future. This calls for a planned sharing and an atmosphere of harmony.

  • To err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgiveness brings blessings not only to the one who is forgiving but also to the one who forgives.
  • If you have not forgiven someone who has hurt you, tell him or her, ` I forgive you now’.

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