Anita did like herself. She was obese and was often teased in school. Though an intelligent girl, she lost interest in her studies. She for ever remained sad and withdrawn.

Her parents were worried. Her mother said, ``Anita, it does not matter how you look. What is more important is how behave and what efforts you make to achieve goals. Make the best of what you have. You compose such beautiful poems, you are good in studies. Prove your worth and your negative self- image will vanish.

Desperate to be happy, se thought over her parent’s advice. She continued to look for opportunities where she could make a mark.

Soon an inter-school poetry competition was announced in school. Cajoled by her parents to participate, she composed a poem- `I can’. Good as she was, the poem was beautifully written.

`But father, I cannot go up on stage and read my poem. I feel embarrassed,’’ Anita said.

``Have faith in your abilities and learn to respect what you have. Good will take care,’’ he responded. On the day of the competition, Anita went on the stage nervously. She could see grinning and anxious faces amongst the audience.

``this is one chance to prove my worth to myself. Please help me God!’’ she thought to herself. She closed her eyes for a moment and then composing herself she began to recite her poem. Soon the audience became very attentive. There was a loud roar of applause when he finished.

The judges declared her the winner. They recommended her poem to be published in the inter-school magazine and exhorted to continue writing.

Anita was joyous. She had proved her worth and was proud of herself!

  • Never lose your self- respect because if you lose it, you have lost all. One who cannot respect himself/ her self cannot expect to be respected by others.
  • Your self –image is in your mind. Your self- image improves when you have good family relation, good moral standards, good friends, ou love what you do etc.
  • Nature your self- esteem by helping other people. Doing good deeds actually increases your self- respect because each time you think about it, you feel happy.
  • How people act towards you and what they say can affect your opinion about yourself. Some people put others down to try to build themselves up. Know yourself, accept what you are, but always try to improve your self. Having self –respecting makes life happier and worthwhile.

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