India is a great country.

India is also called Hindustan and Bharat.

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of nation.

Jawaharlal Nehru was our first prime minister.

I am proud of my country. I will always work hard and be a good Indian.

Republic day

India is my country. I love my country, and I am proud to be an Indian.

Our country has many people. They follow different religions. They speak different languages. We are all brothers and sisters.

Our national flag is very beautiful. It has three colors saffron, white and green.

We must always show respect towards our national flag.

We must al know our national anthem,

``Jana- Gana- Mana’’, it is national anthem song

We must stand at attention when we sing it.


Republic day celebrations

It was republic day celebrations in sweat’s school.

After the flag hoisting and parade, many beautiful programs had been put up. It was now time for the final item.

Different type of dances

This item has four short dances’’, said sweat. ``It’s beautiful. I saw the dances practicing’’.

The first was a dance from south India- the Bharata Natyam.

The second dance was one from the north-the Bhangda.

The third dance was from the Western part of India-the Garba.

The fourth was the east- the Odissi.

After the fourth dace was over, all the performers from the four dances came to the center of the ground and arranged themselves.

And you know what they formed? They formed a beautiful outline of mother land-India!

It was, indeed, a beautiful sight. All the parents and students clapped loudly.

``we are all Indians. We love our country’’, said the students.

Then, everyone stood up, at attention, and the national Anthem was sung, all the parents and students went home feeling very happy. The last dance had certainly been the best!





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