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During the terrific silence of that horrible night, they could not hear the footsteps of death. On the eighteenth night of a great war, they were sleeping
“Bottle, bottle everywhere; not a single one to provide water” Bottled water is the present era acquisition of safe drinking water to homes and offices
Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread

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Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread
Located in culturally important Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Alang today is known worldwide for ship dismantling. It is world's largest ship dismantling
Our ancestors discovered the technique of cooking food. Earlier they used to consume food in its original state i,e., in its raw form, regardless of whether

You may have heard that your mind is like an iceberg, with 9/10 of it below the level that we can see. You may have heard that most people do not use 90% of their brain. You can learn to use your mind to its fullest potential and be creative.

Creativity means having the power of quality to express yourself in your own way. A creative person sees the world through fresh, new eyes and then uses what they see in original ways.

Take a good look at your physical surroundings. Everything, from this paper you are reading, to the chair on which you sit began as a thought in mind.

To create something, you desire, all you need is to imagine it and then begin the necessary activity to bring it into the physical.

All of us are influenced by all that is happening around us. Some of us simply accept what we see while some think deeply about it. By thinking, reasoning and working on an idea, we can create something.


You know how did Wright brothers invent the aero plane?

When young, they were playing with their toy glider. Seeing it fly gave them an idea.


How about making people fly in a glider?

Both of them started working on this idea. Initially, they failed but kept on trying and trying. Finally, they came up with the invention of the aero plane.


A curious mind

Sitting in the kitchen, James watched the kettle boiling. He heard the whistle as the steam from the boiling water was trying to escape from the lid and the spout. He watched with great interest. He saw that with the pressure of the steam the lid of the kettle began to shake.

His interest kept getting aroused. He began to think and realized that steam had force, power and could be put to some use.

When he grew up, he worked on this idea and finally invented the steam engine which works on the power of the steam and moves the train.

This creative boy was James Watt whose invention has become so useful to us.

We all cannot be great scientists or inventors but we can be inspired by them. We can, learn and be creative in our own ways.

Learning to use our creative mind is similar to developing any other skill-it takes patience, practice and perseverance.


Discover your creative mind and it will make you feel good about yourself.