My Itenary for 10 days and some amazing expereince

Before planning any vacation its always important to know what your wants/needs are.Since i was fond of back waters and hill stations i chose Kerala as my perfect vacation spot.

Since Kerala is a big state its important to do lot of research in terms of local attraction,tourist attraction,beaches,backwaters etc
Kerala has nearly 8 to 9 beaches,10-15 back water spot, 4-5 Hill station and it was not practically possible for us to visit all those places

So after lot of research i chose 5 best places in Kerala

Kochi is known to be the 2nd largest and densely populated city in Kerala.This city has its own reputation and few tourist attraction in this city were
-> Kochi Fort
-> Indian Naval Base
->St Francis Xavier's church
-> Chinese Net
-> Jewish Colony

My First destination of the trip was Kochi and i stayed there with my friends for 2 days. We have visited all the places mentioned above and trust me guys i was Highly Disappointed with the way everything went.Apart from Jewish Colony none of the places were actually attractive and we spent half of our time in our Hotel Rooms watching TV.

What i liked about Kochi was the Hotels and the Hospitality.People out here are very Polite and Friendly.Even though Language being the major problem in Kochi people will try to help you in some or the other way.

Transportation available would be Buses and Cabs.
So overall ill rate Kochi a 3 on 10

From Kochi we Left to Munnar
Munnar is known to be one of the best Hill station of India and that was %100 true.the Atmosphere was electrifying and ice cold.
I spent 2 days in Munnar and i felt as if i was a having a ride in heaven.
Attractions in Munnar:
->Spice Garden
->Tea Plantation
->Local sightseeing

I can rate 10 on 10 when it comes to food in Munnar. Accommodation were cheap and best as well

Only thing what was bothering me was mobile network.Most of the places in Munnar only has BSNL Land line network.

However ill still Munnar a 9 on 10

From Munnar we moved to Thekkedy
I had done a lot of research for this place however when i went there i got to see more then what i expected.
Thekkedy is known to be the most adventurous city of Kerala.

Attraction in Thekkedy
->Night Treking
->South Indian Martial Arts
->Elephant Safari
->Boat Safari
->Dense Jungle Safari
->Ayurvedic massage

I Manged to do all the possible stuffs in Thekkedy apart from Jungle Safari. since curfue was rolled out in Thekkedy due to some interstate issue.
The best thing was the elephant safari.we payed 1000 bucks each and we got a half an hour elephant ride+ 15Min Elephant Bathing + 15 Min Elephant Shower.Trust me guys,Elephant safari was complete value for money and that was a different experience all together
later in the night we went for South Indian martial arts here we got to see martial arts based on ancient indian was a 2 hour show and it was an interesting one.
and finally before going to bed i had a nice ayurvedic message which really relaxed my mind and soul.
Next day we went for Boat safari in search of some wild animals however we came back disappointed.

But Overall I will rate Thekkedy as 10 on 10 since i got to do all those things in Thekkedy which i had never done in my life.

From Thekkedy we moved on to Allepy

Allepy is known to have one of the best backwaters in India and where there is back waters, you would definitely lots of house boat.


The house boat where we stayed was almost like a mini Titanic.
It had all the possible amenities like LED TV, Music Syste, Kitchen, Fridge,AC Rooms,and Washroom with Jacuzzi fittings.
We checked in to the house boat at 12 Noon and checkout at 9:00 am next day.
In that entire day we went for back water ride.Lunch, Dinner and next day breakfast were served to us in the houseboat.

I will also rate the house boat tour as 10 on 10

From Allepy we moved on to our Final destination Kovalam
Kovalam is known to have one of the finest beaches.The beach which we visited was the Light house Beach.
Light house beach is one of the finest and the cleanest beach of Kerala.This is the beach where you will Find lot of foreign Tourist.Just like goa you have Lots of Shacks on this beach where you can spend some good time and enjoy Delicious sea food with some Beer and wine.

Overall ill rate Kovalam as 10 on 10 because I have not seen any beach which is as clean and clear as Kovalam beach.Moreover what i enjoyed was the sea food and the atmosphere in Kovalam.

From Kovalam we headed back to Our hometown

This was one of my best Journey till date.But guys this Journey was only successful because of Lot of research and proper Planning
I will rate my overall trip as 8 on 10 but once you go though this lens i am sure you will be able to convert your experience to 10 on 10.

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