Hi friends, in this article let us discuss about the great Berlin Wall, which was demolished 20 years back and it was considered as one of the biggest event in the history.


So let us see some of its history and what happend on November 9th, 1989, exactly 20 years back in Germany and let us discuss these in points for easy understanding

#)German under Hitler, suffered a huge defeat during the Second World War(1939 -1945) and as a result of this defeat, their enemies, Russia, USA, France,England accepted to share German and they will be administrating the Germans.

#)But due to some misunderstanding Russia decides to split and they decided to take  East Germany, leaving he west Germany to the remaining three countries in 1949.

#)Most of the land of the German's capital Berlin, was under the Russian occupied East Germany and so they decided to call some parts of Berlin as West Germany and remaining as the East Germany.

#)But the West Germany occupied by USA, France and England started to develop economically and the East Germany occupied by Russia was under pressure due to their Communism rule.

#)As a result of tis many people from the East Germany shifted to West Germany from 1953 and to stop these activities in 1961, the Russians erupted a wall in Berlin separating the two, and ban was also imposed for those who move to the West Germany.


#)Due to this wall, the transportation via land was affected and so many people suffered as they can't meet their relatives adn friends in the West Germany.

#)But the turning point was started in 1987, when the USA president Regan visited Berlin and suggested that the Wall must be demolished and he also asked this issue to be soled with the Russian President and as a result of this step by the Americans, violence broke out in East Germany which resulted in the Russians to resign on November 4th, 1989

#)Finally on November 9th, 1989, people emotionally came to the Berlin Wall and they destroyed it , which led way for the unity of many families and friends


#)By, 1990 West and East Germany was united and called as Germany from that time.

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